X Yasin

3263 Heather Street
calgary, Alberta V5Z 3K4
Phone: (708) 555-1212
What is my story

I am a dedicated mother & Coach of who understands the barriers and challenges of being a parent and ensure my societal needs are met.

We all have the stresses of feeling like we are juggling balls to keep our day to day lives moving. Coaching helps resonate with what lighten's the stressful load of day to day life.

As a motivator, capacity builder, leader and an excellent problem solver we can work together to achieve your goals.

One on One Coaching is very personal. We will design an alliance and work on your personal issues and goals. We will generally end a session with an accountability piece or some action items to go home and work on or think about.

A good resource on coaching to look at is They are affiliated with McLean Hospital and Harvard Medical School.

Book a complimentary session of 30 minutes to go over the possibilities.

Personal Information:
Name: X Yasin
Gender: Female
Education & Training
Professional school: B.Com
Years in practice: 4
Professional affiliations: International Coach Federation
Practice Information
Accepting new patients: No
Business Hours
Sunday:   closed
Monday:   closed
Tuesday:   closed
Wednesday:   closed
Thursday:   closed
Friday:   closed
Saturday:   10:00AM - 3:30PM