Jilon Kramer

3109 Clearwater Dr, Suite B
Prescott, Arizona 86305
Phone: (928) 778-1554
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Jilon started Twin Palms Healing in 2016 after her stepfather left this Earth from a rare form of cancer. During his brief battle against the disease, she performed Reiki on him. She saw how it eased his physical pain and into a state of peace. She decided to provide this sense of relief to others on a larger scale.

The healing traditions of many cultures emphasize the importance of subtle energy systems that flow through and around the human body. Removing stagnant energy and then balancing these energy systems can assist the body, mind and spirit in moving towards and maintaining wellness.

The blended healing techniques that Jilon uses (Reiki, Healing Touch, and others) not only help with physical pain but can also assist in resolving mental and emotional pain by releasing old emotional trauma and outdated beliefs.

Personal Information:
Name: Jilon Kramer
Gender: Female
Languages: English
Education & Training
Professional school: University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point
Specialty: Alternative Medicine, Reiki
Years in practice: 5
Practice Information
Accepting new patients: Yes
Business Hours
Sunday:   closed
Monday:   closed
Tuesday:   closed
Wednesday:   closed
Thursday:   closed
Friday:   closed
Saturday:   closed