DocMeIn, an innovative Software-as-a-Service provider located in the heart of Silicon Valley, offers flexible, next-generation healthcare IT solutions for all types of medical practices, including primary care, dental, chiropractic, eye care and many others. DocMeIn's online scheduling system helps practices grow their revenue and reduce downtime by automatically reminding patients of their upcoming appointments and continued care. With this free service, providers can immediately become a non-invasive part of their patients' lives, minimizing no-shows and ensuring timely check-ups. Premium services, such as text messages and automated phone calls, can be added for a nominal per-message fee.

We don't want patients to miss their appointments or forget to make the appointments they need. When this happens, it leads to practice losses and missed opportunities to prevent illness or to detect it early. As a result, medical costs and insurance premiums increase for everyone. DocMeIn blends into patients' busy lifestyles to reduce practice downtime, increase revenue and deliver the right care at the right time.

We wish we never missed a doctor's appointment ourselves. Unfortunately, that is not the case. We lead busy lives, professionally and socially. To help us manage our lives, we use modern technologies and communication tools: email, electronic calendars, smartphones. We carry our appointments with us everywhere we go. Pervasive technologies help us stay on top of our lives, succeed, and be where we need to be when we need to be there. But sometimes this does not happen: we don't get the message, there is a mix-up or -- more often -- we forget to enter an appointment into our calendar. It is this human factor that is most common and disturbing, but luckily it is entirely preventable.

With DocMeIn, doctors don't have to suffer because of our distractions and carelessness. You now have exactly the right tool to make sure we get the message, that it is accurate, and that it is automatically translated by software into an appointment in our calendars -- whether it be on our computers, mobile devices or Web applications -- and synchronized everywhere we need it. Of course, you can still call your patients the old-fashioned way or you can have us do it for you automatically with our superb text-to-speech and telephony technologies. You can even have us send a reminder in the form of a text message to a patient's mobile phone. But your busiest patients -- those most likely to miss an appointment -- will appreciate our free email notifications. They can click a link in the email to accept or reject the appointment or to add it to their own calendar. From that point on, that calendar will also serve their personal appointment reminders.

We know we are not alone. Join us in making healthcare more efficient, convenient and affordable for the patients of the XXI century.