Who is DocMeIn?

DocMeIn is a privately owned company founded by a group of people who set out on a mission to empower private practice healthcare providers with information and communication technologies to run their businesses more efficiently than ever before.

When healthcare providers use DocMeIn to schedule their patient appointments online, this information is shared with patients instantly over the Web, minimizing no-shows, maximizing continued care, increasing regular check-ups and boosting retention rates.

DocMeIn is a California corporation located in Mountain View, CA.

What can DocMeIn do for me?

We provide healthcare practices with an essential scheduling and marketing tool. You can access it online via your favorite Web browser. When you schedule patient appointments in DocMeIn, we make sure that patients receive reminders of their upcoming appointments in ways that you specify for each patient.

How is DocMeIn different?

DocMeIn is built from the ground up to take advantage of the latest innovations in Web and mobile technologies. It is extremely easy to use. And did we mention it's free?

What makes DocMeIn better?

DocMeIn is the first medical scheduling system to recognize the value of calendar integration as the most efficient appointment reminder mechanism. Coupled with email invitations and the calendar's built-in notification capabilities, DocMeIn makes doctor appointments as reliable to the practice and as visible to the patients as their office meetings and social functions.

Does DocMeIn work for all types of practices and patient demographics?

Yes! DocMeIn is optimized for use by smaller practices rather than practices of a certain medical specialty or patient demographic. We understand that any practice will have patients with different appointment notification preferences. That is why we support delivery of appointment reminders by phone and text, in addition to email. But the office workers who are used to living by their electronic calendars will appreciate our email notifications featuring seamless calendar integration.

How much does DocMeIn cost?

DocMeIn is free for both doctors and patients. There are no fees for amount of data stored or number of reminders served. Certain premium features, such as text and voice reminders, are offered at low pay-as-you-go rates.

Do I need a credit card to sign up for DocMeIn?


Do you integrate with third-party systems?

Yes, we offer an API to integrate DocMeIn's Web scheduling capabilities with practice management, EHR and PHR software. Please email us for details.

Does DocMeIn disclose my information to anyone?

Absolutely not.

How long will DocMeIn remain free?

At this time we are focused on building our network of healthcare providers, who are the most efficient and effective in the industry thanks to the free tools we provide to them. The currently available features of DocMeIn will always be free for all of our current users. Over time, we will be releasing additional features that will make DocMeIn even more compelling to doctors and more useful and exciting for patients. Some of the new features for the healthcare professionals may not be free, but such features will always be optional.

How will DocMeIn make money?

Our business philosophy is to create vastly more value than we capture, in the spirit of Craigslist, Google, Twitter and others. We are delighted to be in a position to create value in a marketplace that is vitally relevant to us all. Having said that, we have a variety of ways of generating revenue that we are unable to discuss at this time. Stay tuned!

I've been in business for a long time and I don't understand why you would offer something of value for free.

We studied the economics of online services very hard before opening DocMeIn to all users. Here are the basic considerations that underly that decision.

Marginal cost of supporting an additional user (whether doctor or patient) for us is negligible, which means that the average cost per user declines as the number of users grows. At the same time, reaching our target community of doctors through advertizing and converting them into paying customers would be quite expensive. We don't want to make our users pay for the cost of advertizing to them, so we would rather make free features that speak for themselves through word of mouth referrals.

Offering a free service is essential to our customer acquisition efforts and is the most economical way of expanding our user base -- for us and for our users.

Why aren't my reminders being sent?

Chances are, you have disabled reminders on your appointments by marking them as confirmed. Once an appointment is confirmed, no reminders of any kind will be sent to the patient.