DocMeIn is a free online appointment scheduling service for private practices of all types. Entirely Web-based, it requires no software to install and enables two-way communication between practices and patients with a singular focus on managing physicians' time in the most efficient way possible.

Color-Coded Calendar
  Manage appointments in a full-featured group calendar with colors indicating appointment status. You can drag and drop appointments with your mouse effortlessly to reschedule or change duration.
Recurring Appointments
  Schedule appointments that repeat on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and manage the whole series of such appointments at a time.
Unlimited Providers
  Add all of your providers to your practice account. Set up separate calendars, public profiles and give individual user logins to each provider, if you'd like to.
Flexible Business Hours
  Set up each provider's hours, breaks and scheduling exceptions (e.g., holidays or vacations). DocMeIn will enforce these hours when interfacing with patients.
Appointment Reminders
  Configure any combination of email, text or voice reminders for each appointment. The reminders will be delivered automatically when their time comes, unless the appointment is already confirmed by that time.
Unlimited Services
  Set up services that you offer and assign them to the providers that practice them. Services allow you to multi-book your providers in a carefully controlled way.
Automatic Recalls
  Schedule email invitations for routine visits that are automatically sent a certain amount of time after the last routine appointment.
Advanced Messaging
  Define your practice's custom message templates for each type of DocMeIn's automatic outbound communication, including appointment reminders, appointment notifications, cancellations and many other kinds of messages.
Patient Self-Service
  Allow patients to request, confirm and cancel appointments online 24/7. You control all aspects of patient self-scheduling, including your calendar's visibility and which of your practice's services are exposed to patients directly (vs. to staff only).
Calendar Integration
  Appointment-related messages sent by DocMeIn to providers and patients include specially encoded attachments, which are automatically imported into common e-calendars, such as Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, iCalendar and other online, desktop and mobile software.
Data Export and Import
  You can export and import your patient information at any time with your favorite spreadsheet software, such as Microsoft Excel or Google Drive.
Software Integration
  DocMeIn integrates with your existing systems by offering a machine interface (API) through which all your data can be kept in sync.

All this and much more FREE. Optional text (SMS) and phone reminders are charged at nominal rates (no minimums, no commitments).